Federico Magliani

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Personal Information

In March 2020 I obtained the PhD at University of Parma in Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR), that is a subtask of Computer Vision.

My main research interests are related to the Computer Vision and Machine Learning. In particular, I’m working on computer vision algorithms for automation and robotics.

Recently, I developed a software pipeline, using OpenCV in python, for automatic defects classification in cheese x-ray images. The objective of the project, in collaboration with Salchim, is to improve and automate the evaluation method of hard cheese forms that currently is made by few trained humans. 

Therefore I’m also interested in Deep Learning techniques applied to computer vision problems.

For the publications please see my Google Scholar profile and ResearchGate profile.

He also worked as reviewer for the scientific community (CVPR, WACV, BMVC and ICIAP).

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