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I am working as a research engineer and pursuing a PhD in Industrial Innovation Engineering. My area of interest regards the big data, the informative systems and everything in which the management of the data is involved.

I believe that the collection and study of data are becoming a really important need for the modern industry: the definition of alarm states and of the machine health status is made possible by acquiring, investigating and correlating information, that comes from different sources. In the recent years, a lot of manufacturing companies are becoming very interested in this kind of thematic, as it is one of the pillars of Industry 4.0: it is possible to understand the machines working status, predict wears and plan maintenance in time by acquiring machine sensor data.

After my graduation in Engineering Management (ICT) at the Polytechnic University of Marche, I moved to Reggio Emilia and there I’ve obtained my master degree in July 2016, still in Engineering Management (ICT). Everything started with my internship in the ARSControl research group. I was working at the IMPROVE European project and my objective was regarding the development of a simulated production plant for one of the project industrial partners. I then graduated in July and started working as a researcher in September 2016.

I have actively worked on the IMPROVE European project, by the management side, and on several Italian Industry4.0 industrial projects with the aim of developing machine monitoring solutions: my tasks were regarding the management of a development team, the management of the project, the definition of the software solution architecture as well as the development of it.

During my last year of my PhD I have worked with the Big Data Group of Fraunhofer IOSB-INA, acquiring excellent notes of merit.

I am a tech enthusiast, always interested in the innovative technology trends and trying to apply them to the projects, in which I am currently involved, in order to add more value to them. I can now speak 3 languages (Italian, English and German) and always willing to travel and explore the world.

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