Andrea Jacopo Ronga

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Study and developing of a software for Corghi Spa.

Develop a modular and automated software for testing wheel-balance machine. The project focused on the improvement of the testing line in a multinational corporation expert in machines for automotive (Corghi Spa).
We started studying the state of art of tests in Corghi Spa. After a first clarification, we presented some improvements to find a new sequence of operation to optimize time and procedures.
After this analysis phase we developed a modular and automated software that allows the user to save some operations on the machine, that standardize the sequence of tests and that is very easy to use.
The modular architecture gives, moreover, the opportunity to change some parameters from external files to modify the tests in case of external market requirements.
Finally, we have connected this software with a sequel database that collect all the information concerning the tests in order to monitoring and analyze the problems related to the wheelbalance machines.


Developing of an HMI and a database for polishing operations in an automated cell, within European Symplexity project.

We have studied 2 different kinds of polishing techniques in order to develop an HMI that allows the user to polish a surface in a very simple and automated way.
We have collected all the requirements from our partners, we have tried to join each request first of all in the database and than in the interface. The final result is a system that receive information from the CAM and CAD analysis and that make available the data for each step of the product chain (from the developing of the rough piece to the analysis of the finished piece). In this context, the interface carries out the strategies from the database and order the series of tasks that the robot has to accomplish.

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