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ROBOMORE: New paradigms in Digital technology, robotics and primary education

Venerdì 22 Febbraio alle ore 14.30 Sala bianca del Rettorato (via Università 4, Modena) Abstract: Artificial intelligence is nowadays considered as a new form of intelligent agency, already able to reshape our interactions, our environments and, ultimately, our lives.Among the various areas involved in this process of cultural change and development, taking into [...]

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ROBOMORE: Towards multi-cellular engineering materials

Giovedì 21 Febbraio alle ore 14.30 Aula F1.4 del Padiglione Buccola-Bisi (complesso San Lazzaro, via G. Amendola 2, Reggio Emilia) Abstract: Natural materials achieve a wide range of properties andmulti-functionality using a multi-cellular approach. Albeit humans arenow able to (almost) match the properties of dead wood, leather, andbone, we rarely think about [...]

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